Wildflower Meadows and Living Walls

Your dream wildflower meadow

I can design and create a beautiful natural wildflower meadow for you.  Without a doubt, wildflower meadows, green walls and living walls will lift your spirits.  You will be able to enjoy looking out onto a fine, natural view every day. It will look almost unplanned.  Organic, with lots of diversity and interest.  I’m sure you will agree that not much could be finer.

Would you like to enjoy vibrant displays of colour? Amazing textures and the heady aroma of exquisite flora?  If so, contact me today.  This totally bespoke service will deliver a wildflower meadow, or a green or living wall that best suits your lifestyle and your external environment.

A wildflower meadow comes to life

Imagine.  The butterflies and bees are at their busiest best in their natural environment.  Now, imagine them in your wildflower meadow from Elemental Designs.  Essentially, this can be your own urban sanctuary.  Without a doubt, you will be encouraging wildlife and biodiversity. What’s more, creating a wildflower meadow in a metropolitan setting will totally change the look and feel of your outside space.

As a certified installer and Accredited Partner of Wildflower Turf©, your future dream garden is in safe hands.  And, you do not even need a substantial area to enjoy the benefits of these types of design.  Wildflower meadows and living walls can be large or small scale.

I use both seed and ready-to-roll, pre-grown wildflower turf.  Soon, you will be enjoying stunning shades of blue, red and yellow.  Purple and orange go together well, too.  What colours and styles appeal to you the most?

Wildflower Meadows.  Things you need to know

As a garden design expert, I know that with wildflower meadows, getting the outline and layout is important.  In fact, it is as essential as choosing the best conditions, seed mix and methodology.

In the first instance, my initial engagement with you is all about listening.  Then, based on your brief and further to a detailed site and soil analysis I can bring your floral fantasy to life.

Maintaining your wildflower meadow

Moreover, Elemental Designs also understands the maintenance requirements of wildflower meadows.  For example, under-planting in early Spring with summer bulbs works well.  In like manner, a knee-high cut after heavy rain in late-spring can promote regeneration in time for the summer.

Another key point is that wildflower meadows prefer a soil with fewer nutrients than you would expect.  So, to avoid plant materials turning to rot and adding fertiliser to the soil, you should remove excess plant materials regularly.  In my opinion, this should definitely be on your “to do” list in the Autumn.

Also, regular mowing of paths through the meadow is a great idea.  This allows you to walk through and give you somewhere to sit and admire the wildlife.

Living Walls

Elemental Designs not only creates garden or living walls, but can also oversee their installation.  Whether you have a bare wall or shaded external space, almost anything is possible.  In fact, lit up at night, or with natural sunlight, a living wall can totally complement your home style.  As long as you take care with draining and water sources, you can choose or amend various plants to suit any location.

In order to deliver a great result, I work with a series of industry and horticultural experts.  These trusted third parties can supply your choice of flowers, plants and shrubs.  Owing to our combined expertise, we can get the job done to a high standard.

On the whole, living walls are constructed from pre-fabricated plastic wall boxes.  These bolt to and project away from the wall at around 16cm to 20cm.  I work with experienced installers who can also offer a comprehensive after care programme. As you can tell, they do not take up much space and I can make them look absolutely stunning.

Your wildflower meadow or living wall awaits you.  Contact me today and let’s get started.

Elemental Designs is an Accredited Partner of Wildflower Turf©