Who I Work With

As a garden designer specialising in landscape drawings for planning approval and commissions for private clients, I rarely work alone.

Residential customers can, and sometimes do retain me on a design-only basis.  With an excellent understanding of plants, trees and garden renovation techniques, these are home-owners who are happy to oversee the installation process themselves.

However, most clients, whether professional (architects and planners) or private individuals rely on Elemental Designs to project-manage the sourcing and “logistics” processes of the commission.

And, it works well.

By and large, being successful in this specialist area of design requires a broad understanding of several subject areas.  Do I know everything?  No, I do not.

To offer first-class results, I work closely with a number of sector specialists, whose knowledge outweighs mine.  Every day’s a school day, as they say.  Each completed project enables me to take away new knowledge, tips and a bit more know-how to help in your garden design.

Here’s a summary of the expertise at your disposal via Elemental Designs

Hardy’s Plants www.hardysplants.co.uk

With 22 consecutive RHS Chelsea Flower Show gold medals, Rosie Hardy is one of the UK’s most prestigious and respected hardy perennial specialists.

Working with her on her show garden displays at Hampton Court and the Chelsea show over several years has been an absolute joy.  By and large, everything I know about perennials is down to Rosie.

Jekka’s Herbs www.jekkasherbfarm.com

Would you like a herb garden?  Excellent You’re part of a national historic tradition.  Our country has a long-established history of growing and using herbs dating back several centuries.

Fragrant, adding flavour to your cooking or just beautiful to look at, what Jekka McVicar doesn’t know about herbs simply is not worth knowing.  Jekka will advise you on the best choice of standard, or rare and unusual herbs to complement your garden.

Barcham’s Trees www.barcham.co.uk

Trees add colour and beauty.  They’re an essential part of our eco system.  They must be cared for carefully for at least two years in order to thrive on their own.  To “take root” properly, in fact.

Barcham’s Trees are true experts in their field.

With their extensive stock, Barcham’s can even provide hundreds of trees for a single commission, working closely with you over two years to advise on their development.

English Woodlands  www. ewburrownursery.co.uk

The quality of plants from English Woodlands is outstanding.  This company takes seriously the ever-present issue of plant health.  Moreover, with careful sourcing they know how to avoid serious plant diseases from taking hold in the UK.

Any plants sourced from English Woodlands are guaranteed to be disease-free.  Good news and one less thing to worry about.