Landscape Drawings for Planning Approval

Elemental Designs specialises in garden and landscape design services.   If you are an architect or a property developer, you may need me.  Why? Because I offer detailed landscape drawings for planning approval.  Good news.  The local authority has given your building works the go ahead.  Now is the time to contact Elemental Designs.  I make things happen.

In a nutshell, Elemental Designs can produce the necessary drawings for planning discharge.  For this reason, I work exclusively on larger private and commercial schemes.

My work is of an exceptionally high quality.  From experience, it meets the standards for approval first time, every time.  I can streamline your processes.  Also, I save your valuable time and can make you more productive.

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Garden Design and Private Garden Build Commissions

Elemental Designs offers first-class, bespoke garden design and build services for private clients with larger landscape schemes.

I can deliver outstanding results primarily in the south of England.  The areas I cover include Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.  Also, the South and South West,  and most of Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire.

With as much or as little engagement as you need, Elemental Designs will work directly with you.  Another point to note is that Elemental Designs often works in close partnership with specialist third parties and nurseries.  These experts can supply stunning trees, plants, flowers and herbs. Altogether, my role is to project manage everything from start to finish.

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Wildflower Meadows and Living Walls

Looking out onto a beautiful natural, wildflower meadow will lift your spirits every day.  I can design and create one for you.

Would you like to enjoy vibrant displays of colour, texture and even the heady aroma of exquisite flora? If so, contact me today.  In brief, I can deliver a bright and beautiful wildflower meadow for you.   Or, should you prefer, a green or living wall.  It’s up to you – and your external environment.

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