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Wildflower Meadow Shipley, West Sussex

Wildflower Meadow Design in Shipley, West Sussex

The Wildflower Meadow Design Project – An Overview

This project is Rachel’s labour of love – a real project of passion. Based in Shipley, West Sussex, her wildflower meadow has been developed using detailed soil testing and carefully selected seed mix that grows well in the site specific soil.

Rachel’s Wildflower Meadow Project – In Detail

“Every year my wildflower meadow looks a little different, with species each overtaking one another in the natural race for domination. Throughout each season, every month delivers a distinctive look that is different from the last, with flowers maturing and flowering at differing times. 2015 was the year of the charming Oxe daisy.

I always advise clients who are thinking about a wildflower meadow of their ease of maintenance, and with so much colour that comes early in the season, there may be few as perfect a choice. When bolstered by masses of spring bulbs, a wildflower area within your garden is definitely worth considering”.

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Wildflower Meadow Design

Where suitable, I always try and introduce a wildflower area into our clients’ projects. With much experience in the sowing of wildflower seed and using pre-planted wildflower turf, we’ve perfected it to an art for contemporary and country gardens alike. Should you be attempting to create a wildflower meadow yourself, it’s worth noting that establishment and maximum coverage is achieved using wild flower turf, however wildflower seed is also quick to establish but needs a little more assistance to get going. This is true of both large areas, as well as smaller gardens – even in the most restrictive of urban gardens.

Considering transforming your outdoor space into a fascinating wildflower meadow? We undertake garden design projects of every variety – from modern, contemporary transformations, to the creation of classic wildflower meadows. Call me, Rachel, on 01892 668380 or email me via enquiries@elementaldesigns.co.uk and I’ll be right back in touch.

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