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Living Wall – Chiswick London.

Contemporary Garden and Living Wall design in Chiswick, London

The Garden Design Project – An Overview

The property: This property was situated within an urban setting with neighbouring properties in relatively close proximity. In place was a traditional wall and existing patio area.

The conceptual brief: Our client wished to introduce fauna into their urban garden, and wished for it to play a feature both at day and night.

The Garden Design Project – In Detail

Project Approach and Contemporary Garden Design Solution

The space within which we had to work was a compact area with high boundary walls. This made it an ideal place for a living wall. For this project we commissioned a specialist supplier to install the wall, after which we used an array of differing shrubs and plants to create a diverse collection of tones and leaf shapes. The subtle introduction of purple and various grasses added interest, whilst the wooden slats completed the backdrop for the wall.

We lastly installed uplighters into the patio to ensure the living wall was beautifully illuminated throughout the night-time. The result of this project is a rich green wall that introduces a beautiful block of nature – ideal as a focal point from the house, whether day or night.

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Inspired by this modern living wall in Chiswick London? Living walls are an excellent way of softening an urban space – around which may be buildings and structures all around. They can be especially ideal for backyard patio areas that are restricted in space.

Whether this sounds like the solution for your home, or you wish to discuss contemporary garden design in a wider sense, call me, Rachel, on 01892 668380 or email me via enquiries@elementaldesigns.co.uk and I’ll be right back in touch.

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