Planning Permission Drawings 

Working with Architects and Developers for First-Time Project Approval

Are you an architect or a property developer without in-house expertise?  If so, my specialised services will help produce the results you need.  I offer detailed planning permission drawings of exceptional quality. In the first instance, if your local authority has given your building works the go-ahead, that’s good news.  At this point, I can step in.  Elemental Designs can produce all the necessary drawings for planning discharge.

For this reason, my work is exclusive.  I work only on larger private and commercial schemes.

My planning permission drawings meet the required standards for approval first time.  And, on every occasion you submit them.  I listen, then interpret requirements.  Ultimately, I can streamline your processes.  Or, to put it another way, I can save you time and enhance your productivity.

And now…your project can now start.

Areas I work in….  

Mainly, I work with architects and developers in the south of England.  This includes Surrey, Sussex and, Hampshire.  However, I also work with clients in the South and South West.  I also work further afield.  If your practice is in Gloucestershire, Shropshire or Herefordshire, I’d be pleased to hear from you, too.

In this regard, rest assured.  If you need my services, I’m not limited by geography.  Elemental Designs offers planning discharge services throughout the UK. Contact me to find out more.  Wherever you are, I can help.

Landscape drawings for planning discharge

Obviously, if the local authority has granted planning permission for your project, it doesn’t stop there.  Now, the design must meet a series of conditions before the work can start.  Otherwise, nothing happens.

As can be seen, my expertise adds a great deal of value.  This niche service covers a specialist area of design.  How does it work?

In brief, as a skilled garden and landscape designer,  I can make things happen.  From now on, your project will require vital information and visualisation.  Elemental Designs supports and complements your work. Significantly, I can provide what you need.  Also, I can meet all your deadlines.

For outdoor areas, you will need planning permission drawings that show various details.  For example, hard surfaces, boundary fences and all soft landscaping in and around the garden area.

My landscape planning drawings will demonstrate:

  • A master landscape drawing.  All external spaces and surface detailing will be outlined here.
  • A detailed soft landscaping drawing. This will show all current and new trees and shrubs.  It will also detail grass or lawn areas, and will highlight planted areas.  A “plant schedule” is included.  This has meticulous information on the types and numbers of new plants, as well as their size at the time of ordering.
  • A comprehensive plan for the management of the boundary.  This plan will include details of any fencing, gates, entrance ways etc that will be needed or maintained.
  • Finally, a written plant specification.  This information may be required for a commercial development.  It will include information on the appropriate methods of soil preparation, planting techniques and soil depths.  It will also have an in-depth annual maintenance plan.

Elemental Designs offers two types of services here.  Either a stand-alone service, or a complete solution encompassing design and build.  Without a doubt, I offer you commitment to reliability and to my personal and professional integrity.  My uncomplicated approach aims to make your working life much easier.

Why Elemental Designs?

Because with over 85 outdoor spaces to my name, I have the knowledge and skills you need.  I can identify and solve any challenges that may happen.  Similarly, my attention to detail ensures that nothing is missed.  I truly understand what planning authorities need.

The result is a happy client.  Likewise, a stunning garden.  And, with a high proportion of repeat commissions from planners and architects, Elemental Designs’ landscape drawings for planning approval service has become my area of speciality.

Contact me today for more information.

Landscape Drawing for Planning Approval

Landscape Drawing for Planning Approval