Specialist Landscape Design Services and Garden Design.
Getting the Job Done

Elemental Designs has experience in providing design and build services for gardens and landscapes.  Regardless of size or style, my specialist landscape design services support the  needs of architects and property developers in the South.  My area of expertise is on the supply of planning discharge landscape drawings.

Also, I work on larger private residential commissions, as well as any project that involves wildflower meadows (soil conditions allowing) and living walls.

Above all, I offer commitment, skill and a focus on results.

In Summary…

With an excellent understanding of local planning authorities’ requirements for successful approval of landscape planning commissions, I offer:

  • Prompt delivery of detailed drawings
  • Commitment to your deadline date
  • Over 15 years’ experience, with over 85 garden designs

Here’s How I Work:

The initial stage

Initially, listening.  Then, interpreting.  Contemporary, organic or more traditional, from the macro to the micro, no detail is missed.  We’ll discuss your objectives and of course, the budget.   If you’re an architect, I can meet the client with you.

Site survey and analysis

This important stage guarantees that I know everything that I need to know.

Then, A choice of designs

Following your brief closely, I will generally create more than one design for your review.

Working under time pressures for planning permission drawings

I am familiar with the deadlines that follow the granting of planning permission.  Therefore, not only I can help you avoid costly delays, I can also deliver detailed landscaping plans.  Specifically, these are plans that satisfy local authority conditions – on time, every time.

In-depth knowledge

By and large, nature is unpredictable.  As are the many external factors in the logistics and build of all outdoor spaces.  I know what can go wrong.  I’m a good problem-solver and can solve any issues that arise.

An excellent network

As you may expect, I work with other experienced professionals to deliver fully to your expectations.  Without a doubt, these are people with a high degree of knowledge.  In fact, their expertise exceeds mine.  These trusted third parties know all there is to know about herbs, plants and trees, for example.  I will project-manage everything to a high standard from start to finish.

Bringing everything together

Factored in to your project will be the complexity of the design and the lead time of third-party contractors and for the surveyor.  I can manage the entire design and build service, ensuring continuity as well as time and cost savings.  And, barring environmental or other disasters outside of my control, we’ll be able to commit to a deadline.

In summary, Elemental Designs offers garden design services with a difference.  Contact us via this website or on 07732 744 988.