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Rachel Merrick

Rachel has an Honours Diploma in Garden Design from the KLC School of Design in London and a passion for plants. Always a keen drawer, art lover and avid observer of the natural world, she cut loose from the corporate worlds in healthcare and pharmaceutical drug development to build a professional career in garden design and has successfully run Elemental Designs for 15 years.

Good communication is vital to the success of any project, as there are times when things do not go to plan and alternative solutions are required. Challenges are part of life’s learning and whatever it may be; Rachel will always find a solution and stick by the job to get it completed to the client’s satisfaction. As the saying goes, ‘you are only as good as your last job’!

She is noted for her detailed design drawings and planting plans and experience has taught her that proper planning comes with the provision of detailed drawings, so that an accurate budget can be ascertained at an early stage in order that there are no surprises.

With considerable experience working on a number of traditional and modern styles, she draws inspiration from diverse sources including many leading horticultural experts and artists, some of whom she has had the privilege of working with over the years.

One of the great advantages of this job is going back over the years to see how the garden has developed, although initially I often feel great trepidation prior to a visit, I am always in awe of nature and the ability of plants to develop, grow and most importantly see the pleasure that it brings the client. This is what makes this job so truly rewarding.















I love design that is both simple and clever, and allows people to interact with it.

Rachel Merrick was awarded the KLC School of Design Gibbs Alumni Award Garden Design 2012

klc School of Design Gibbs Alumni Award Garden Design 2012

“The Alumni Award is presented by annually to a KLC graduate who has proved to be successful in different areas of design, offers high standards of professional practice and demonstrates willingness to continued learning, combined with hard work and integrity.”