Elemental Designs

My name is Rachel Merrick and my business is Elemental Designs.  I offer high quality garden design and build services for architects, developers and private clients on larger private or commercial landscape schemes.

If you are an architect or a property developer, I can support your projects by providing detailed landscape drawings for planning discharge.  My designs have been proven to be highly successful in this specialist area. For private clients, I provide full working drawings for your garden.

With 15 years’ experience, I have the skills you need.  In a nutshell, my work complements and support you, or your client project to its full potential.

Additionally, Elemental Designs creates designs for wildflower meadows, as well as for living or green walls.

I work with professionals in the south and south west of England, as well as those based in Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire.

Garden Design Services for Architects and Property Developers

My planning drawings will work with your scheme and provide all the necessary detail required by the planning authorities.  In short, I save you time and will integrate seamlessly into your processes.  And, I’ll meet your deadlines.

With over 85 garden designs and builds to my name, this is a specialist service that combines creativity with functionality.  The end results?  Elegant designs that really work.  Beautiful gardens to bring pleasure to people who place a high value on their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Garden Design Services for Private Clients

I also offer garden design and project management build services for larger landscape schemes for private clients.  If you’ve set your heart on the perfect garden, I can design it for you.  These are detailed, highly deliverable designs that I can help bring to life.

I have the essential knowledge and practical know-how that 15 years’ experience has given me.

In my opinion, as well as design, I know how to get the job done.  Believe me, this is harder than it sounds.  However, it’s what makes me different .  Read more about my approach here

I would be very pleased to talk to you.  Feel free to contact me via this website or call me on 07732 744 988.

About Rachel Merrick